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Our Mission is Providing the BEST and most UNIQUE dog daycare, boarding, spa & grooming and training services in a caring and safe environment that your furry friend can't get just anywhere.  We will always do everything possible to make their time with us as close to being at their home.  It's A Dog's Life is their home away from home - from our home made treats and ice cream to how we tuck them in at night, we will always be their happy place to go!!!

Make your Reservations Today - HOWLiday's are upon us!!

If you have not booked your dogs reservations for Thanksgiving - Christmas - New Years, make your reservation TODAY!!  We are running out of space.

Dog Cams

Would you like to see your dogs play in our playrooms?

We have HD cameras in Pee Wee's Playhouse - Big Dawg Romp Around & Tiny Town Play Yards.


We proudly provide our clients the ability to watch their dogs on Social Media Accounts. Follow us, Like Us, Leave Reviews.




Give your dog an opportunity to “play with friends of their temperament.” For dogs that are the shy wallflower to the social butterfly, there is something for every pooch, or those with separation anxiety, elderly pets or puppies. We have 4 indoor play yards - 2 outdoor play yards with two pools and gym equipment for them to play on.

Private Play too is something we pride ourselves with, if they don’t like to socialize, we will respect that too… Enroll today and bring them tomorrow!!


Dog Day Care

We take loving care to acclimate them to the proper social group. We offer half-day and full-day rates or SAVE when you purchase one of our various-Daycare packages. Two indoor areas provide fun and exercise in a supervised setting. Daily, our team customizes our play groups ensuring each pet has the experience they desire. Our two play yards are 3,500 sq ft and 1,500 sq. ft. which both facilitate a safe, controlled environment for socialization and play while being monitored by our trained team.



No matter the length of time your lil’ furry family member needs to stay, they will surely enjoy Luxury or Master Suites within our Dog Hotel.  We have a comfortable resting suite no matter size or needs. We make our pets stay resemble as close to their home as possible.  We have it all - Orthopedic beds, blankets, toys, bedtime snacks, and books to read!!  We make sure every guest is tucked in every night.  We find a way to make this their Home Away From Home!!




Dog Boarding

With 50 varying size suites either – Luxury (4’ x 6’) or Master (6’ x 6’).  Our focus is on keeping your dog safe, healthy and happy while you’re away. We offer spacious lodging suites for every type of dog.  We allow your household pets to stay together in one suite or apart in their own suites, whatever you decide, we can typically accommodate. 


Grooming & Spa Services

Grooming is an important part of your dog’s overall health. Help your dog feel happy and healthy with our Grooming & Spa Services! Whether it’s a bath, a nail trim, or a full show-style haircut we welcome all dog breeds. 

Meet our groomer Dana Z., she does amazing work for your dogs.

Book your appointment today, she books quickly.... Dana is a perfect fit to our  family!!

Have your furry family member groomed by the BEST!!



Dog Grooming & Spa Services

Starting from a young age, Dana always had a special relationship with animals. She knew she wanted to turn her beloved passion into a life career. Beginning with her family dog, Rocky. He would become her FIRST and MOST LOYAL client. Dana then enrolled at the Michigan School of Canine Cosmetology where she completed the 600hr. professional pet grooming program. She gained knowledge in all aspects of the field, including AKC breed recognition, picture perfect finishing, hand-scissor/strip techniques, safe grooming procedures, animal health education, applied skin/coat care, as well as feline grooming. She is certified in​ CPR and First Aid through Pet Emergency Education (P.E.E.). Everyday ​Dana continues to educate herself on the industry to ensure that each pet goes home happy and healthy!



We are proud to partner with Meraki K9 ~ Alexa White for all your training and pet growth / command - Board and Train - dog classes - dog individual training -  needs. Alexa has been in the industry for over 10 years now, with extensive certifications from the most elite training facilities in the nation and she has a love and dedication to her pets like no other.






Dog Training

It’s A Dog’s Life is proud to partner with Meraki K9 ~ Alexa White for all your training and pet growth / command needs. Alexa has been in the industry for over 10 years now and has a love and dedication to her pets like no other.  Visit Meraki - K9's website to see the passion she has for all of her clients.  From Board & Train to her Day Train courses - speak to her and find out which is best for your dog. 

Why Choose It's A Dogs Life Resort & Spa?

  • Oakland County Animal Control Perfect Ratings

    Oakland County Animal Control does random, unexpected reviews of our facility, multiple times annually.  We are proud to announce that we get exemplary reviews each and every time.

  • PetTech Emergency / CPR Certified Staff

    To be sure your dog is in the safest hands, our teams have PetTech Certified CPR /

    Emergency tactics.

  • Professional & Certified Team Members

    Dogs supervised by our trained & certified team members: 1 team member per 10–15 dogs. 

  • Furr-iendly Support

    Our facility design and procedures focus on safety, health and care of every dog that are visiting us.

  • Groomer Dana Z....

    Want you dog to have the greatest haircut and style in the neighborhood?  Then, book your appointment now with Dana.  Her clients love her and all she does to make their dogs look extra special.  Such a talent under one roof.  Need something special done for your dog, call Dana.

  • DOGgone Pricing

    Click HERE for pricing.  We make sure that all our clients know what they are paying for upfront - all our prices are inclusive for your dogs stay.  We include all ancillaries into our rates, so you don't have to worry about an inflated invoice when you pickup.

  • PAWfect Quality Dog Services

    We offer DOG daycare, overnight hotel / boarding (kennel) stays, Dog Grooming & Spa and Dog training services in our 11,000 sq. ft. temperature treated facility, monitored by trained and certified team members that commit themselves to the ultimate care of all our dogs visiting.

  • Every Dog Service Needed Under One Roof

    We offer Dog Boarding / Overnight stays, Dog Daycare, Dog Spa & Grooming and Dog Training services.  Our entire team specializes in their areas of expertise.  

  • Meraki K9 Training exclusively here

    We are honored to partner with Meraki K9 for her elite Training curriculum.  Alexa White is an industry leader.  The multitude of awards and acknowledgements really have her standing out above all other training programs in this area.  Alexa has dogs training with her from all around the country and we are honored to have them all board here at our facility.  Come by and say hi to Alexa.

LOVE & SAFETY are what we are all about...

We pride ourselves on providing our team members all the training & tools they need to ensure your dog has the greatest & safest experiences while in our care.  We are proud to have certifications from PetTech - The Dog Gurus - Dog Handler Academy.  Our team is trained on all aspects of safety & care for all our guests.


If you have specific questions, please feel free to respond here or call us at (248) 960.0800.

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