Christmas HOWLiday Schedule 2022

2022 Christmas schedule

We Commit To A Million Wags A Day.... and thousands of Kisses Too!!!

Our Mission

To consistently provide every furry guest the BEST and most UNIQUE dog daycare - boarding - spa & grooming - training services in the most caring and safe environment that your furry friend can't get just anywhere.  We will always do everything possible to tailor our services to make their time with us as close to being at their home with their humans. 

It's A Dog's Life is every dog’s home away from home - from our homemade treats and ice cream to how we tuck them in at night, we will always be their happy place to go!!!

Our commitment is to notify parents if your dog’s tell us they don't enjoy themselves here, we are ok with that and we hope you as their parents will be as well... We would rather know we assisted finding them another solution - even if it’s our competitors, than have them here with elevated anxiety or distress - we promise transparency with our families.

StBernard with bone


We use Social Media platforms - Facebook & Instragram to post picture & videos daily of our guests. Also, parents receive a report of their dog(s) that visit us. We do these things as long as the dogs in our care are safe and our staff can safely complete these. We do not use cameras in our facility.



Enrichment Daycare... Like no other

Enrichment Daycare - yes, we promise to always go beyond any other facility, so much so our coaches interact with our dogs in play yards using toys.  Have you ever been told by another facility that their team is trained to interact with their dogs using TOYS in the play yards?  You won't except here at our facility.  We have chosen this type of interactive play for optimal reasons for each dog that participates in our daily Enrichment Day PLAY.  Using toys while interacting with dogs provides both a mental and physical mental stimuli for each dog.  It also teaches dogs how to properly engage with other dogs in play fashion with toys.  Our play yards are NOT all day play, yet are group based where dogs are rotated in and out of our yards.  We do this, because the stimulation they encounter in our yards is far greater than they will ever get in normal all day daycare at other facilities.  We also don't charge additional for this service as our competitors do.  We do this, because it is proven to be the best type of social, physical and mental interaction any dog may get.  Our coaches are trained to monitor our dogs ques to know when they need breaks and when they need additional socialization.  We are very specialized in all we do in our play yards. 

Safety, Stimulation, Socialization and rest in a monitored environment are our priorities. In order to ensure their safety, each dog is given a two-part evaluation (Free Greet & Treat) before being permitted to join group play sessions. 

  • We offer All day daycare or 1/2 day (up to 5 hours from point of drop off) 
  • We use toys in our play yards, if your dog has toy aggression, then, we are not the place for them.
  • 4 indoor & 3 outdoor play yards 
  • Play structures, toys and yards for all sized dogs with enough room to zoom - zoom - zoom for all energy levels
  • Raised orthopedic beds throughout for those that need a break from playing
  • Pool parties in our swimming pools - 4 oversized pools 
  • We are not all day play - this is not a healthy solution for any dog, no matter their energy levels.  Our staff is trained to give dogs that need them, the breaks the dogs ask for.  All dogs go up for rest - feedings - water for 2 hours.  As important it is to exercise and play, it's just as important they get proper rest.

Dog Day Care

Why is our daycare unique?  Our daycare is unique in that our staff does not just monitor dogs, we use toys and they engage with the dogs to ensure they have the best time while here with us.  Our Play yards are equipped with toys, so if your dog hoards or has toy aggression, we may not be the place for them.  Because we do not allow all day play.  Every dog, no matter size or energy level, require rest and breaks - we make sure that as much as we provide them socialization and activity play, we also provide them their own suite to go and relax, eat and water alone.  We take loving care to acclimate them to the proper social group. Our yards are structured by dog size and temperament, however there are instances where a more docile large dog may be in with small dogs and a mid-size dog in with larger dogs.  Our assessment advisors are trained to understand the environment each dog will thrive in the most. 

BUY ONE OF OUR DAYCARE PACKAGES:  10 Unit, 20 Unit or 30 Unit packages.  You save money, the larger the package, the cheaper your daily daycare is.  We offer half-day and full-day rates.


Boarding Sleep Overs

It's A Dog's Life offers best-in-show boarding with sizable suites and fun activity packages, so you and your pet can both enjoy much-deserved vacations or time away.  No matter the length of time your lil’ furry family member needs to stay, they will surely enjoy our Suites (depending on weight and number of pets) within our Dawg Hotel.  Our hotel is just that - we monitor and clean their suites consistently throughout the day.  We make our pets stay resemble as close to their home as possible.  We have it all - Orthopedic beds, blankets, toys, bedtime snacks, and books to read!! We don't charge additional for feedings, medication dispensing or potty breaks.  

Boarding All Inclusive: $60 or $70 per night

  • Our Nightly Rates will include that days daycare
  • We Free Movies & Music to soothe your dog as they rest
  • Special Request?  Ask, we will do all we can to accommodate.

Dog Boarding

Our focus is on keeping your dog safe, healthy and happy while you’re away. We offer spacious lodging suites for every type of dog.  Every suite is provided an orthopedic off the ground Our hotel room is equipped with TVs for our movie nights or soothing music that calms all our dogs - We do have Disney channel and we do watch our favorite dog movies.  We do all we can to let your dog feel relaxed and comfortable.  Our suites are cleaned throughout the day - with clean feeding bowls, beds, blankets and toys. 

All Boarding Reservations no matter when require a 25% NON-Refundable Deposit.  Once the reservation is booked, the deposit is consumed - If you cancel, the deposit is forfeited.  We unfortunately cannot transfer the deposit to another service or reservation.


Spa & Grooming Services

Ready. Set. Shampoo! Let our grooming experts work their magic. From the essentials, to spare-no-expense, diva-style pampering – we’ll have your pet looking fabulous in no time!

Relax with a day of pampering or finish your stay in our spa!

Our dog spa compliments our boarding and daycare services making It's A Dog's Life a complete resort for your pets. We are open 5 days a week. We spare no expense by caring for your dog with our luxurious bathing products. Our state-of-the-art spa salon is designed for guests of all sizes and our professional pet stylists will make your pet look fabulous and keep them at ease throughout their visit.

Hygiene and grooming is an important part of your dog’s overall health. Help your dog feel happy and healthy with our Grooming & Spa Services! Whether it’s a bath, a nail trim, or a full show-style haircut we welcome all dog breeds.  Grooming for Dana is not about the quantity of dogs she gets through a day, she focuses on the quality of care provided to the dog specifically. 

Meet our Pet Stylists Dana Z,  she is very talented and do all she does to work for your dogs.

Have your furry family member groomed by only BEST!!

Dog Grooming & Spa Services


About Dana Z., Starting from a young age, Dana always had a special relationship with animals. She knew she wanted to turn her beloved passion into a life career. Beginning with her family dog, Rocky. He would become her FIRST and MOST LOYAL client. Dana then enrolled at the Michigan School of Canine Cosmetology where she completed the 600hr. professional pet grooming program. She gained knowledge in all aspects of the field, including AKC breed recognition, picture perfect finishing, hand-scissor/strip techniques, safe grooming procedures, animal health education, applied skin/coat care, as well as feline grooming. She is certified in​ CPR and First Aid through Pet Emergency Education (P.E.E.). Everyday ​Dana continues to educate herself on the industry to ensure that each pet goes home happy and healthy!!


What Parents should know about Us

FREE Greet & Treat - Our focus in ensuring that every furry friend that comes to us, thoroughly enjoys their time with us no matter the services we are providing or the duration of time.  Our dedicated evaluators are trained to assess your dog from the moment they walk into our facility to everything else they will experience while with us.  Many times you hear from other facilities, they need a temperament test.  For us, it's much more, we evaluate their entire experience - from our Outdoor / Indoor play yards, how they react to their suite, how they react to our trained team to how they interact when playing with other dogs.  Our Big Dawg Management will contact you when the core evaluation is completed to review the outcome.  If your dog doesn't like it here - whatever the reason - We care, we would rather recommend an alternative solution than to have them coming to a place they don't enjoy.... Trust us, we will tell you the truth, it's in your dog's best interest and they will Thank Us!!!

Vaccinations - Pet parents are responsible for keeping their dogs vaccination records up to date with us.  All vaccinations must be recorded on your pets Veterinary Letterhead.  Required: Bordetella, Distemper & Rabies.  We will have to turn away any dog that does not have the required vaccinations on record with us.  Please understand we cannot deviate from this.

Report Cards - Social Media - (Facebook & Instagram) - Our team is pretty awesome in that when our play yards and dogs are all safe, they capture really great pictures and videos of the dogs in our various yards.  They are then shared on our Facebook & Instagram pages as well, we will send to our pet parents Report Cards of each dog that was in our care.  We do not offer camera viewing in our facility.

Spay / Neuter (Intact) - We will accept into daycare dogs not spayed or neutered up to 1 year of age.  However, they will get rotated in and out of play with other dogs that are intact.  After 1 year of age, we can no longer allow dogs into our yards that are still intact.  With regard to boarding, we will allow intact pets however they will not participate in our daycare sessions with other dogs, they will interact with our team.  Females in heat or going into heat are not allowed.

Puppies - Must have a minimum of their 2nd set of vaccinations.  Please, confer with your veterinarian to determine when its optimal to have your puppy around other dogs.  We will work with them on their potty training and socialization.  We understand that puppies will receive their rabies later in their vaccination process, we will accept your puppy without the rabies shot, though not past their 3 month.


What makes us Unique

Boarding -

Feedings (Breakfast fed around 6:30 am, Lunch fed around 12:30 pm and Dinner fed around 6:00 pm).  Every suite has fresh water. We do disburse medications free of charge, however we do NOT give injections of any kind. 

If your dog is elderly or requires more care than normal we are not the place for them - since COVID our emergency veterinary partners can no longer give us the priority we used to be given.  We ask that you find a boarding facility that have a veterinarian facility with it to care for your dog.

If your dog suffers from anxiety / stress, please confer with your Veterinarian to prescribe medication to assist your dog's comfort while in our care. 

Orthopedic off the ground bedding, blankets, toys are provided to our guests that will not chew them up.  If they do, the cost of replacement, will be incurred by their parents. 

Outdoor potty breaks - we provide a minimum of 7 throughout the day, if we deem they need more, we provide it. 

Exit baths, we do these for our guests that have had recurring accidents throughout their stay, this is a charged service that will be applied to their exiting invoice.  We do NOT keep any pet soiled, they are cleaned up by our team, however, if it becomes excessive there will be a fee applied to the parents invoice. 

Deposits on all Boarding Reservations - 25% NON-refundable deposits are required on all boarding reservations.  This deposit will hold the suite for your dog(s).  If the reservation is cancelled, the deposit is forfeited and cannot be utilized for any future reservations.

Toys in our Play yards -  We use toys in our play yards to provide the most optimal mental and physical stimulation for our dogs.  By using these toys, our team members control their activity within each yard.  If your dog has toy aggression, we are not a facility for your family dog.

Daycare -

We do not run all day play. 

All dogs are put into their private area for 2 hour break daily. 

If during play a dog requires a break, we will put them up. 

Our staff is trained in dog behaviors, so rest assured, we will monitor every dog as their needs are all different.

We use toys in our yards, if your dog has any toy aggression, our facility is not for them.  Our staff is trained to engage in activities that will mentally and physically stimulate every dog. 

We do rotate dogs in and out of our yards for their safety and the safety of others.  Our team is staffed - 1 team member to every 1-10 dogs approximately, depending on the dogs, temperament and energy levels that day. 

Temperatures impact the level of play we will engage dogs in.  Understand that our outside temperatures do indicate the level of play our team members will allow our dogs to play - yes our yards are temperature treated, however having outdoor play yards does impact your dog's body temperature. 

We do not rotate team members in and out of our yards, this keeps the level of energy in our dogs level, dogs energies escalate when new people come in and out of our yards.  Pools, yes our outdoor yards have pools and every dog can use them.  We have staff that regulates the play and activities in each of them.  Your dog is not required to use them if they are not water dogs. 

Every play yard has gym equipment that dogs can play on, these too are monitored, however there is a risk of dogs injuring themselves by jumping off or falling off of them, it is rare yet can occur.  Our play yards are never unattended, our attendants are always in the yards with dogs. We have 4 indoor and 3 outdoor astroturfed play yards.  We have 4 pools and 2 misters for every dogs enjoyment.


Why Choose It's A Dogs Life Resort & Spa?

  • Oakland County Animal Control Perfect Ratings

    Oakland County Animal Control does unexpected reviews of our facilityWe are proud to announce that we get exemplary reviews each time.

  • Professional & Certified Team

    Dogs supervised by our trained & certified team members: 1 team member per 10 –15 dogs. 

  • Emergency / CPR Certified Staff

    Our team members must be Certified CPR / Emergency tactics.

  • Furr-iendly Support

    Our facility design and procedures focus on Safety, Stimulation, Socialization and care of every dog that are visiting us.

  • Pet Stylist Dana Z....

    Want you dog to have the greatest haircut and style in the neighborhood?  Then, book your appointment now with Dana.  Her clients love her and all she does to make their dogs look extra special.  Such a talent under one roof.  Need something special done for your dog, call Dana.

  • DOGgone Pricing

    We make sure that all our clients know what they are paying for upfront - all our prices are inclusive for your dogs stay.  We include all ancillaries into our rates, so you don't have to worry about an inflated invoice when you pickup.

  • PAWfect Quality Dog Services

    We offer DOG daycare, overnight hotel / boarding (kennel) stays, Dog Grooming & Spa and Dog training services in our 11,000 sq. ft. temperature treated facility, monitored by trained and certified team members that commit themselves to the ultimate care of all our dogs visiting.

  • Every Dog Service Needed Under One Roof

    We offer Dog Boarding / Overnight stays, Dog Daycare, Dog Spa & Grooming and Dog Training services.  Our entire team specializes in their areas of expertise.  


If you have specific questions, please feel free to respond here or call us at (248) 960.0800.