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There Is  A Lot For Us To ‘Bark’ About…..

By Lisa Vendittelli – Owner & Operator

In April, 2018 I, purchased Dog Centers of America. Why, because having aggressively traveled for the past 20 years, and having dogs, there was never anyone that cared for my pets the way I wanted or needed.  I was in the process of purchasing a building in Plymouth, when this opportunity was presented – and here we are today.  We did  significant marketing research with existing and non-existing clients to understand what appeals to them when it comes to the care of their pets:

  1. Pet Safety
  2. Pet Care & Exercise
  3. Play Room Web Cams
  4. Website / Automated client & pet portfolio
  5. Make Reservations & Appointments online
  6. Buy packages & retail items online
  7. Updates to the building

What has changed around our building?

With all the marketing / survey results, we began making changes that would positively enhance the exercise, play, safety and relaxation for our furry guests and their parents. In all we do, we look for a comfortable, fun, safe environment for everyone. We want everyone to know that all we do, we do for our furry guests.

Highlighting a few things we have done to enhance our safety and care of our pets. Here are just a few of the changes we have made in the interest of our furry lil guests.


Holding Suites in the lobby

Studies show that more instances of dog fights don’t occur in our play areas or suite areas, yet in lobbies.  Why? Because, when your dog is on leash and with you and another unfamiliar dog comes in there is the opportunity for an altercation because they want to protect you, so to mitigate that occurrence, we have installed 3 of our suites in the lobby so that when you come in merely put your pet into one of the available suites so you don’t have to worry if the other pets get along with your pet or not. We are the only pet service facility that has instituted this in Oakland, Wayne or Macomb counties because we want to have the safest building for our guests no matter where in our building your are.


Did you get up late and are concerned you won’t be able to drop the dog off and stop and get your coffee? Well, don’t worry any longer, we have opened a cafe in our lobby area, so that all you have to do, is check your dog in and grab a java to go.

Popcorn anyone

The worst is a long day at work and no time for lunch, then you have to leave to pickup the kids and the dog…. Well, when you arrive, know that we will have freshly popped popcorn

Lobby Furniture

To make our concept of Home away from Home be achieved, we have done a complete update of our Lobby… If you haven’t been in, you should stop by and see us.

Outdoor Pet Waste Station

Many of our pets just love to roam outside our doors prior to coming in or when leaving – we invested into a nice waste station for our clients parents use – it has bags for your use too….


It’s A Dog’s Life Resort & Spa has focused on offering our clients as many services and amenities that are geared exclusively for their dogs….  Our intent it to continue to add services we know will help our clients day to day…. Stay with us as we introduce them when our growth and business warrants them.


We are proud to offer our trained certified Off-Leash Playgroups for our Puppy-Small-Small Geriatric-Medium/Large-Medium/Large Geriatric.

Intact Males/Females 1, 2019 (Non-spayed/Non-Neutered):  Effective February 1, 2019) our Policy of taking non-spayed or non-neutered pets after one (1) year of age will stop, unless there are extenuating which will then be at the discretion of management, yet our Policy will be strict in that Dog’s over 1 year must be fixed, if they are to continue to participate in our service offerings. Yes, we will grandfather existing intact dogs as of January 1, 2019, after that time we will no longer accept intact dogs over the age of 1 year unless there is sufficient documentation justifying why the dog cannot be spayed/neutered.

Private Play Pets / Pets that  do not with the majority of our guests:

February 1, 2019 our policy of accepting aggressive or pets that don’t pass our standard assessment tests will no longer be allowed to continue participating in our service offerings.  The reasoning for this is two-fold, we want to ensure the safety and well-being of 100% of our guests at all times and when these ‘special’ guests are within our building – it presents risks that we should not be taking.  Too, as we have committed to our Off-Leash Play certification program, offering to take in pets that don’t achieve passing evaluation / assessment testing can no longer be placed into “Private Play” and still accepted – we will unfortunately not be able to accept those dogs back.


To remain competitive in the daycare industry and employ team members that have Off-Leash training and dog safety & care experience/certifications our rates are currently not competitive to ensure the happiness, care & safety of our guests.  Effective February 15, 2019 our full-day, daycare rates will increase to $29 / day – our packages will reflect these increases as well.  Private Play Dogs will be an additional $5/day for one-on-time with our team.

Our Playgroups are unique in that they are sizable and comfortable for our guests, they are interactive and we ensure that Reports Cards, pictures and Facebook Live Feeds are managed consistently.  We continue to employ staff that has this industry experience that is required to provide the quality daycare services and safety required, these rate increases are required.  Our staff is trained/certified in Off-Leash Play, Pet CPR / Emergency tactics.


Gym Equipment & New Toys

If you haven’t seen our new fun equipment and toys – go out to our website and watch our live webcams….. We have made major upgrades in all our Playrooms. Dog play has increased immensely since making these updates.


not only are they cameras but they are HD and are live in streaming, so that you can see your dog play during their playtime.


our rooms are equipped with stationary iPad’s so that we may capture those special moments of your pets and send you Report Cards of their fun play, make notes that are important to track for our guests personal records

Facebook Live 

Don’t have time to see your dog in playgroup, don’t worry – visit our Facebook Page to replay our live videos of our playgroups throughout the day.

Report Cards 

Our new software, Gingr affords us the opportunity to send to our guests parents Report Cards updating on how their day is and hopefully with pictures first.  We commit to our furry friends safety first, so understand that we may send these out after their playtime to ensure that our focus is always on their safety.


To quickly and effectively manage the care of our guests in every location.  We made a significant investment in our software and hardware to ensure that no matter where a pet is in our building we have the technology to manage and track their care and well-being.


Our packages never expire, and may be used by the same household dogs.  They cannot be transferred to other families.  There are no refunds on our packages or credits still remaining on packages.

5   day Package – $140.00

10 day Package – $270.00

15 day Package – $390.00

20 day Package – $500.00

30 day Package – $720.00

These packages 5 – 30 day packages never expire within a household.  They are non-refundable or transferable.

1 Month Unlimited Package – $624.00 *

* Use Mon – Sat during our normal business hours.  Expires 1 month from purchase date.  For use for 1 household pet, cannot be used for multiple.  Additional Unlimited package would need to be purchased for each dog.


We are standardizing our suites within our facility, with that we are transitioning to our larger suites (Master) through 2019.  We will continue to have both our Luxury and Master until this project is completed. Boarding with us is like your dog being at their home, we make every attempt to ensure your dog is in a comfortable, anxiety free environment, we provide them

  • Participate in our playgroup activities daily
  • private feeding and feeding times (AM – Lunch – PM),
  • medication dispensing (if needed),
  • Off-Ground Orthopedic Bedding,
  • Minimum of 6 outdoor potty times,
  • Private housekeeping for each dog’s suite each time they are taken out
  • fresh water dispensing,
  • Daily Report cards to parents of our guests,
  • Live Facebook feeds during our guests playtime,
  • One-on-One play with our team members,
  • night time tucking in,
  • gourmet treats for night time snacks for all guests (if no allergies) – if VIP boarding is purchased
  • Board Bath – free if VIP boarding or charged if client requests.

February 1, 2019:

The Master Suites will now be for all pets over 65 lbs and our Luxury Suites will be left for our guests 64 lbs or less.  We will no longer put pets into suites based on pricing, yet the fit of size (weight) of the dogs.

VIP Stays:

Want you dog to have the pampering of a lifetime – then for $10.00 more per nightly boarding rate purchased, let your dog(s) enjoy:

  • Daycare playgroup sessions
  • One-on-One Playtime / walks with our team member for 15 minutes daily
  • Nighttime Gourmet Cookie or Stuffed Kong
  • Additional outside time
  • Free Boarding Bath at the end of their stay – prior to being picked up.


Clients that prefer Boarding only service for their dog’s stay.  We have many clients that prefer to opt their dog out of our daycare services during their stay with us.  We have crafted this boarding solution specific for those clients.  This Reservation Type is ideal for our Geriatric or Physically injured Guests that must/should refrain from social activities / interactions.

Boarding ONLY consists of:

  • 4′ x 6′ Luxury Suite for 1 household Dog – $32/night
  • 6′ x 6′ Luxury Suite for 1 household Dog – $42/night
  • 1 Off-Ground Orthopedic Bed per suite
  • Potty breaks outside throughout the day
  • Feedings as per our clients – we host Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner – Snacks

What you need to bring for your dog’s stay:

  • Dog Collar & Leash
  • Food
  • Medication(s), if any
  • Treats

Our facility is equipped with feeding bowls – gym equipment – toys – etc., so there is no need to bring these items from home.

If you opt for One-On-One playtime, walks, etc. or Stuffed Kong’s, Gourmet Cookies, etc. there are additional charges for those services.

For this Reservation type – there is no multiple household pet discount provided.


We now offer full-time spa & grooming services Monday through Saturday’s.  We do services not offered at other facilities.  From coloring your dogs coat to manicure & pedicures we will give your dog cuts that will make you proud that your brought your dog to us


  • Bath-Brush-Nails-Ears “BBNE”
  • Full Service Grooming, this is a BBNE with a cut
  • Puppy Cuts
  • Al’ Carte Services
    • De-matting
    • De-shedding conditioning
    • De-Skunking Shampoo
    • External Anal Glands
    • Nail Polish
    • Nail Trim
    • Nail Dremel
    • Teeth Brushing

Boarding Baths *:

We are offering baths now for any pet size -Bath and cage dry only:

  • Small $25 (5 lbs-25lbs),
  • Medium $35 (26 bs – 35lbs)
  • Large $45  (36lbs – 65lbs)
  • Extra Large $55  66lbs on up for these sizes
  • * Must tell us at check-in that you want


For all Spa & Grooming appointments and estimates, please call us at 248.960.0800.

Every room has iPad’s so that our staff may record every pets activities, document incidents, track feeding, water and medication intake.  We too are now capable of sending each of you Report Cards letting you know how your lil furry member is doing and give you an update on their day.


It’s A Dog’s Life Resort & Spa
Is an informative / interactive tool that is  much to offer from complete detail about our service offerings and their prices, to upcoming events, to information about your pets that you may not be aware of, FAQ’s you should know, management of yours’ and your pet(s) accounts, Want to make your own reservations or appointments you can now, we have our Webcams, Retail and service package purchases and information about us. Whatever your needs are, you can find it here.


Our team has put immense focus into the care and safety of our furry guests.  We have aligned with the IBPSA, The Dog Gurus, PetTech and the American Pet Association to be mentored, trained and supported by for all our staff.
Pet and Human Emergency Kits were placed throughout the building
Pet Aggression Kits: If ever a fight or aggressive pet needed to be halted, we now have the proper tools


February 1st – Birthday celebration for all our February Birthday guests….

February 14th – Wet Kiss Barkentine Day – pictures of all our furry love dawgs, lil furry pawty… Treats and play for all that attend….  Pictures will be posted on our social media of our event.

March 1st – Birthday celebration for all our March pups….

March 15th – St. Paw-tricks Day Pawty…. We’ll let the Pawdy’s happen…. There will be Shamrock treats for all our clients that attend….

Spring Break is coming quick and our Furry Friends want to remind you to book their stay with us…. 

Cold Weather 

we are responsible for ensuring we protect our pets during this terrible cold weather.  If you or know someone that cannot keep their pet indoors, please notify us immediately and we will work to take those pets into our facility until this weather breaks.  Please share this with anyone you know that may be in need. No questions asked, just want to protect our pets! – Call us at 248.960.0800.


  • Axel ~ Homer L
  • Bailey ~ Angela K
  • Bella ~ Therese L
  • Belle ~ Aiswarya P V 
  • Caddy ~ Joshua S
  • Colbie ~ Robyn P
  • Cooper ~ Carol A
  • Copeland ~ Carina N
  • Finley ~ Amy S
  • Gertie ~ Melanie T
  • Gus ~ Carrie K-H
  • Gypsy ~ Christina Z
  • Hattie ” Hat Trick” ~ Ann R
  • Karley ~ Rose B
  • Karma ~ Amy F
  • Leo ~ Leo A
  • Luna Gia ~ Nikki S
  • Max ~ Tyler B
  • Mona ~ Mollie M
  • Nyla ~ Gloria M
  • Paco ~ Zach S
  • Peppermint ~ Stacy S
  • Ruby & Xander ~ Jamie H
  • Sebastian Hall ~ Lee B
  • Simon ~ Ted M
  • Sugar ~ Nancy N
  • Coco & Super JR ~ Dave L
  • Winston Bogart ~ Michael C



What is Canine Influenza?
Canine influenza is a highly contagious respiratory disease that is caused by canine influenza virus (CIV) Type A.  There are 2 known strains in the United States.

  1. CIV H3N8 – first reported in greyhounds in 2003.  Since then, CIV H3N8 has spread to at least 41 states.  This virus in of equine origin and can be difficult to diagnose.

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