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Halloween can be an exciting time for the whole family, but it can also be a very frightening time for our pups. From children in costumes to ringing doorbells to tempting treats, it can be quite daunting to allow your dogs to join in on the festivities. Luckily, we have some dog-friendly ways to make Halloween less frightful for your furry friend!

We all know how much our pups love their walks, so why not take them on a trick-or-treat outing with the family?  If your pup can handle the crowds and excitement, bring them along.  Be sure to stay on walking paths and sidewalks as some people may not have landscape or yards that are dog friendly. If at any time your dog appears to be anxious or upset, it may be time to call it a night.

If you believe your pup would be more comfortable away from the trick-or-treating madness of Halloween night, treat them to a fun boarding stay at It’s A Dog’s Life Resort & Spa! Our caring team of dog professionals will keep your pup safe and at ease. For more information, contact us at 248.960.0800.

What better way to get your pup included in the Halloween fun than to dress them up in an adorable costume? When picking the perfect getup for your pup, remember to ensure that it is well-ventilated and doesn’t cause your pup to potentially overheat. Since your dog’s body temperature may already be slightly higher due to all the excitement of the festivities around them, it is essential to make sure they’re properly hydrated. Avoid masks, hairpieces or anything that could impair their ventilation or vision and avoid any outfit that restricts their movement and range of motion.

If you’ve never dressed up your dog before, it’s best to let them try it out a few times before Halloween. It will give them the opportunity to get used to it and can help you determine whether they enjoy wearing it. If your dog isn’t too fond of the costume, don’t push them. Learn more about costume safety here!

If you’re already hosting a Halloween-themed get-together at your place, encourage your friends to bring their dressed-up pups for a celebration of their own. You can even throw a doggie costume contest – the winner gets a yummy Halloween-themed homemade doggie treat! Remember that not all dogs 

Trick-or-treat doesn’t always have to mean high-calorie treats! Halloween-themed doggie toys can be found at just about any pet store at this time of year. Surprise your pup with a new dog toy for hours of frightening fun together.

A great way to get your pup in the Halloween spirit is to take part in pet-friendly Halloween events happening at It’s A Dog’s Life Resort & Spa as well as in your neighborhood. From bobbin’ for bones, Halloween-themed photo shoots, canine costume parades, spooktacular dog walks, costume parties, it’s the perfect chance for you and your pup to spend some time with their friends at daycare as well as your neighbors and other dogs.

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