Let your dog explore with their nose – Sniffari

HIKES are ideal but you can sniffari in a park, at the beach, in a parking lot.


Dogs can easily get bored without stimulation.  Allowing them 10 minutes at the beginning of a walk can make a huge difference.


Allowing our dogs to investigate is key, they are sorting scents, its hard & exciting work.  They can take in and breathe out air at the same time, creating a continuous circulation.


Let your dog explore and enjoy sniffing.  Go at their pace and let them stay on a scent for as long as they desire.


Sniffari’s lead to more relaxed dogs.  They are more likely to walk on a loose leash, all it takes is about 10 minutes. *  After a chance to use their sniffing superpower, dogs take longer naps; some dogs need long hikes with the freedom to explore at their pace to truly decompress.


* NOTE:  If your dog is having behavior issues such as barking, lunging, anxiety, etc.., be sure to consult with a recommended trainer, such as Meraki K9 about additional techniques.  www.ItsADogsLifeMI.com or www.Merakik9.com

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