About our facility - What makes us stand out from the rest

  • We continually invest into our team members

    We know that like anything, learning is the greatness to achieving happiness and thriving.  With that, we encourage our team members to strive for more and to not just "accept".  With that, we afford our team members ongoing training & education in the pet industry.  We have certifications within The Dog Gurus', PeTech, and many more.  We think knowledge brings a whole new light to our team and what they bring to your dog.  

  • Our Promise....

    Our promises..... To give your dogs the greatest love and care possible.  To make our facility and services feel like they are at home with their favorite humans.  To always give individualized attention and services to every dog, no matter if it's locking our lobby doors to let your dog hangout with us while we do our human work or to play fetch with them in our yard. No matter, what helps them thrive and feel good we will always try our hardest.  To tell you if ever, your dog doesn't enjoy it here.  Like humans, dogs change too and so do their likes and dislikes and that's ok - it's our job to share with their humans this when we see those signs, because it is your dog's way of talking to us.  To never lose focus of why we are in business - for the love of dogs and their well being.

  • Our Future....... It's A Dog's Life Second Chance Rescue

    Our hearts and energies are two fold.  While the doggies that visit us routinely are spoiled and given such great attention by all of us while visiting here, our hearts go out to the thousands that are in cages daily waiting for their furever homes.  We want to rehab those dogs and afford them home here with us, while search for the right person(s) to be their furever parent(s).  We work with these dogs on our time, so that we can teach them the right manners so to impress those that show interest in them.  We have decided that if we have profits, we will invest them into fostering / rescuing dogs and affording them a home with us, until their forever home is found.  Our team has been great at giving back their bonuses or tips to care for dogs that need us.  We take turns taking these dogs home with us and providing them the love and care they so deserve.

    Our teams hearts, resides in making or finding homes and happy endings for all the dogs brought to us!!! It's fun too, to watch your dogs fall in love with these dogs... It's a Great Day, everyday at It's A Dog's Life Resort & Spa.

  • Spa & Grooming

    We waited to have this segment of our business, why because we couldn't find someone that cared about the dogs and the angst grooming causes some of them.  Grooming does cause our dogs stress and we know that here, so until Dana Z came along, we refused to see dogs go through that, so we opted to not provide that service to our clients.  Dana, will take dogs off her table so they can rest, go play, whatever they need to mitigate the stress / anxiety they are experiencing while she grooms them.  She doesn't care if a 1 hour job ends up taking her 6 hours - because in the end, she knows that dog wasn't stressed.  Dana's precision is like no other, we are so proud that she chose us to come work for once she moved to this area from East Lansing.  She holds the same values as we do here - your dog's should always feel like they do at their home, while here with us!! Thank you Dana for being the greatest, most caring groomer out there.  We love you!!!

  • Stay competitive......

    We commit to you, our care & services will ALWAYS exceed that of our competitors, yet keep our prices lower than theirs. 

  • Need something.....

    Need something, just ask...... Are you running late for picking up your dog from us?  Just call and let us know that you are - we won't slap on that late fee.  We understand things come up on occasion and that you may need to call in this favor.  Orrrrrrr, want us to make a special something for your dog, because you feel bad they can't vacation with you?  Ok, all we say is "Just Ask"..... If we can, we will.  We will always try our hardest to care for you dog, the way you would if you were here.

  • You are part of It's A Dog's Life Family

    Every single dog that enters our front door, become part of our hearts.  When they are happy, we are happy - when they are spicy, well we will work with them to lose some of the spice.  No matter, always know that whatever it is, we will ALWAYS do what is in the best interest of your dog, even if it means losing your business, but knowing your dog is thriving.  We truly understand dogs and we understand what they are saying to us - so when they have something important to share, we make sure we listen.  Knowing our dogs is what makes us unique.  It's not about the money - it's about making sure your dog feels safe and happy here!! Even if we see you everyday or once a year, you are forever in our hearts.  You are part of our growing family.  We have clients that unfortunately have moved out of state, and they still email us, send us pictures just letting us know how they are all doing - and it's those letters, those pictures that we treasure.  So, if for some reason - we have to part ways, always know we are here for you and your furry family member.