Hiring Dog Trainer

General Summary of Dog Training Job in Wixom, MI

The Dog Trainer is responsible for execution and oversight of daily pet dog training services including daycare, lodge; train dogs, puppy potty; crate training and day training sessions. Additionally, they are responsible for assisting/leading training classes, class orientation and private training sessions with the Training Program Manager. The Dog Trainer assists with the coordination of daily daycare play groups, training sales efforts and communication with clients regarding training needs or behavior issues/concerns. They also assist with training new pet care counselors and troubleshooting dog behavior issues within the facility.

Primary Duties

1. Conduct dog/client training, including daycare, group classes, daycare/training efforts, day training and private sessions. Document training plan for each pet and progress toward training goals.

2. Respond to client inquiries on training programs and sell training services that best fit needs of pet and clients.

3. Assist Training Program Manager as needed in group classes, class orientation and private training sessions.
4. Assist Daycare Coordinator with Pet Care Counselor daycare floor training as requested. Complete skill observation sheets and provide feedback to ensure daycare program procedures are followed.

5. Dog Behavior Training

a. Ensure new daycare dogs are trained for recall as soon as possible (preferably by 2nd or 3rd visit); provide refresher training as needed
b. Provide one-on-one training as requested for daycare, lodging, grooming dogs in problem areas (leash pulling, listening, jumping, etc)
c. Continue education with current issues/theory in the areas of dog behavior, dog training techniques, human learning theory and dog daycare. Professional memberships and communication group participation in areas of training and daycare.
d. Assist as needed in teaching Body Language course to Pet Care Counselors

6. Puppy Training

a. Coordinate schedules for puppies in potty/crate training program
b. Ensure daily schedule is followed for age of puppy and paperwork properly completed each day
c. Work with Pet Care Counselors to identify concerns or issues so they can be resolved and/or communicated and coordinated with parents
d. Provide daily/weekly updates with parents as needed to ensure appropriate progress of puppy through program

Other Dog Trainer Job Duties:

1. Serve as back-up Coordinator as needed to open/close facility and supervise Pet Care Counselors.
2. Provide feedback to management on procedures/policies related to dog behavior and management.
3. Management of projects as requested.
4. Administrative training duties.
5. Other duties as assigned.

Minimum Experience, Skills, Certification or Academic Background Required

1. High school graduate
2. Excellent oral & written communication skills
3. Previous work experience demonstrating dependability
4. 1-2 years’ experience providing animal care
5. Self-motivated, independent worker
6. Professional demeanor and appearance
7. Proven leadership and training skills
8. Ability to work in a team environment
9. Good decision and problem-solving skills
10. Good organization and planning skills
11. Demonstrated flexibility and proven coping skills

Employment Application