Pet Care Coordinator

General Summary of Job

The Pet Care Coordinator is responsible for supervision of the daycare/cage free boarding operations and staff duty assignments within their area of specialty. Additionally, they are responsible for training new Pet Care Counselors and monitoring performance to ensure proper procedures are followed.

Primary Duties

1. Coordinate and plan daily operation of tasks within their assigned specialty to ensure proper and safe care of all animals in accordance with company policies and procedures. See list of specific tasks for each specialty detailed at end of this job description.
2. Initiate with appropriate team members the process of Temperament Testing our new clients as well as assessing our existing client base on a recurring basis. Responsible for maintaining the integrity of the system and records of the results of these tests.
3. Oversee daily operations of facility to ensure safety and quality of care of all pets in all areas (serve as back-up to other section coordinators in their absence). Assign dogs to daycare playgroups. Review board reports to ensure pets are eating and eliminating properly.
4. Assigning Duties to Staff

a. Coordinate with Supervisor to ensure needed staff are assigned to your section for the next day on the Pet Care Counselor’s Assignment worksheet. Coordinate planning with supervisor and other coordinators for proper work coverage on a weekly basis. Priority must be giving to daily animal care and bathing/grooming services; longer term planning is required to schedule cleaning/training duties.
b. Contact management if extra staff is needed.
c. Lead by example and assign self to all functions on a regular basis.

5. Training Pet Care Counselors

a. Train new staff in accordance with training checklist on policies/procedures within your area of specialty.
b. Dog Daycare Center - Ensure 2-3 hours a month is spent working the playgroups with each staff person. Provide feedback and tips as needed.
c. Provide positive feedback & performance improvement suggestions to staff and for new staff make training adjustments as needed.
d. Review dog profiles with staff assigned to supervise them & point out any areas of concern.
e. Work with management to communicate, explain and train on new procedures.

6. Monitor Staff Performance

a. Ensure that daycare, lodging, floater and cleaning tasks are completed each day.
b. Keep records on verbal feedback given to staff related to improving their
c. Assist in creating a spirit of teamwork by treating all staff equally, instructing in a respectful manner & showing appreciation for work well done & extra efforts.

7. Provide feedback to management

a. Staff at Company less than 90 days – review progress from training checklist weekly with management
b. Staff at Company over 90 days – review verbal record on each staff and when
progress is not made to satisfactory level complete written memo for management to use in corrective action.
c. Complete written memo form for staff praises and outstanding performance above & beyond expected job duties and submit to management.

8. Provide input to management on procedures in area of responsibility. Recommend changes, additions or deletions to ensure proper care and effective operations.
9. Perform cross-trained duties as requested and as described in the respective job descriptions for:

a. Pet Care Counselor
b. Pet Care Coordinator (outside your assigned specialty)
c. Bather/Brusher
d. Assistant Receptionist

10. Open or close Company facility as needed and requested by management
11. Administrative

a. Complete Lead Duties Checklist daily and ensure all other work forms are completed and maintained for duties assigned.

Minimum Experience, Skills, Certification or Academic Background Required

1. High school graduate or GED preferred
2. Good oral communication skills
3. Previous work experience demonstrating dependability
4. Previous experience providing animal care (personal or job related)
5. Self-motivated, independent worker
6. Proven ability to follow instructions and learn new things
7. Ability to work in a team environment
8. Demonstrated flexibility and proven coping skills

Employment Application