Play Yard Coaches

General Summary of Play Yard Handler Job in Wixom, MI

General Summary of Job:

The Play Yard Coaches will provide all guidance and counseling on matters related to our dogs. They will advise on our Free Greet & Treats (Temperament evaluations). They will also advise in creating our daily play group lists based on all the dogs in our facility and how they mingle with one another.

They will be accountable for creating incident reports, taking daily photos or videos for pet client report cards, documenting important information about dogs. The Play Yard Coach is trained in utilizing appropriately sized toys in the play yards for mind stimulation and exercise. The Play Yard Coach are to be active in our yards and responsible for the cleanliness and safety of that yards for which they are assigned. The Play Yard Coaches must clean up messes as soon as they occur and do it as per company procedures. The Play Yard Coaches are always in the yards, they are the eyes, ears and voice to make sure all dogs are the safest at all times.

Primary Duties

Play Yard Coaches

Primary Duties:

  1. Being creative in the yard to keep our dogs active and engaged throughout the day.
  2. Ability to lead a pack of dogs in a single dawg yard
  3. Cleaning suites, cleaning play yards, cleaning turf, lifting heavy items, dishes, laundry, and other applicable tasks as asked.
  4. Ability to enforce and adhere to basic dog commands without force
  5. Ability to provide appropriate corrections to dogs as needed
  6. Ability to always provide excellent customer service.
  7. Be active and attentive to dogs and pet parents always.
  8. Extremely energetic, outgoing, upbeat with a positive personality.
  9. Able to endure strenuous cleaning tasks.
  10. Able to stand, walk and move for entire 8 - hour shift engaging with dogs.
  11. Work well in a team- based environment.
  12. Able to complete all tasks efficiently in a fast - paced working environment.
  13. Understanding of Pet Emergency response tactics
  14. MUST LOVE DOGS OF ALL SIZES - the noise, the hair, the messes, the drool, the smiles and all their LOVE!!!!!!!!
  15. Must love cleaning and must understand the importance of maintaining a safe clean environment with live animals.
  16. Able to learn and adapt on the go.
  17. Other duties as assigned.


  1. Must have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  2. At least 18 years or older.
  3. Be able to lift and carry dog food & supplies estimated 50 lbs +.
  4. Constantly walk and/or stand entire shift.
  5. Not allergic to dogs
  6. Able to bend, stoop, lift, crouch.
  7. Able to hear, learn and understand auditory behaviors from the dogs
  8. Able to visually observe, interpret, and react appropriately to dog body language
  9. Able to work in a loud environment
  10. Able to walk and handle dogs ranging from 10-150+ lbs.
  11. Able to work with and handle dogs with various energy levels, behaviors and ages
  12. Able to work effectively in a fast paced, high energy level environment
  13. Able to remain calm, under control and organized.
  14. Actively participating during training; learning with a hands-on approach, asking questions when unclear and approaching everything with a "Can-Do", positive attitude
  15. Smart phone required. Able to utilize Our business specific apps and take pictures of our dawgs.
  16. Able to utilize It’s A Dog’s Life required technology such as e-learning software, apps and other applicable platforms
  17. Reliable transportation: despite weather conditions (we are open every day of the year)
  18. Punctual and reliable (working with living creatures that need scheduled care)
  19. Weekend availability is required.
  20. Holiday availability is required; you will not be guaranteed holidays off until you have completed your 90-day introductory period.
  21. Within 30 days: must be able to demonstrate understanding and perform all expected tasks to complete “Introductory Training” Period
  22. Within 30 days: nonslip shoes are required
  23. Within 90 days: Animal CPR/First Aid certification is required to be completed

Minimum Experience, Skills, Certification or Academic Background Required

1. High school graduate or GED preferred
2. Good oral communication skills
3. Previous work experience demonstrating dependability
4. Previous experience providing animal care (personal or job related)
5. Self-motivated, independent worker
6. Proven ability to follow instructions and learn new things
7. Ability to work in a team environment
8. Demonstrated flexibility and proven coping skills

Employment Application