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"Did you know that our Wixom facility offers Enrichment Daycare for your dog at no additional charge during their stay? Unlike other places that charge separately for daycare, we have included it in our nightly boarding rate. This means that you won't have any unexpected fees when you come to pick up your furry friend."

Our rates include: all-day daycare - their own suites - 3 meal/medication dispensing times - unlimited potty breaks outdoors (other places don't have or allow) - orthopedic off ground beds with bedding - toys - raw/all natural toys - gourmet or raw treats - bubble machines - foam machines - 5 pools in our outdoor yards - never left unattended - enhanced security cameras that allow continual monitoring within every suite and throughout the facility -

For your furry friend to have a great time during their stay with us, may we suggest dropping them off early on their boarding day, it is included in their boarding rate. This will allow them ample time to enjoy our fun play yards and daily activities. In the evening, they can rest comfortably in their freshly cleaned suites for a beautiful dinner, movie, or soothing music and a good night's sleep.

"We have a team of experts who are trained to understand a dog's behavior and help them feel at home while they stay with us. Our team is dedicated to reducing their stress and providing them with the love and attention they need to feel comfortable. You can rest assured that your furry friend will be tucked in at night and kept safe, just like they would be if they were at home with you."

At It's A Dog's Life, we provide daycare for dogs from Monday to Saturday, and even on Sundays, our boarding dogs get to enjoy daycare with each other. We ensure that our boarding guests have as much playtime as any other day of the week.

We offer Sunday pick-up and drop-off hours without any required check-in or check-out times. We don't charge hourly after 24 hours, and our overnight boarding fee covers the time from the day you drop off your dog until the end of the day you pick up your dog. There is no fee if you pick up your dog before 11 am. However, you will be charged a late pick-up fee if you pick up your dog after 11 am.

We serve 3 meals and medication dispensing daily - breakfast - lunch - dinner, depending on the number of meals a dog is fed as per parent instructions and meals parents prepare. During dinner, we create a calming ambiance by playing soothing music or showing some of their favorite movies, such as "101 Dalmatians", "Clifford the Big Red Dog", "Finding Nemo", "The Lion King", and more.
Just the facts....

Dog Food Policy

We accept all types of food. Kibble - Canned - Raw - Table food. We have refrigerators, freezers and microwaves to keep your pet's food fresh and made the way they are used to. No matter what their feeding is, just tell us and we will do the same as part of our overnight dog care package in Wixom.

KIBBLE: All kibble meals must be pre-packaged per meal, not per day. Please place each meal amount into a Ziploc bag and label it with AM - LUNCH - PM. For dogs that are free-fed or "grazers", please package one bag per day with the amount in it you would like us to leave down for the entire day and write on the bag "free-fed", so we know that you desire it to be left down all day, until we leave the premises for the night. Please pack 2 - 3 days extra worth of meals in case of emergencies/delayed pick-up of your dog!

RAW, CANNED OR TABLE FOOD: If your dog enjoys raw or canned food, please put their name on each label with a sharpie and tell our staff how much and when to feed. Bring in the way its packaged.

TREATS: If you would like your dog to have treats while you're away, you can bring those in original packaging, a Ziploc bag OR add them to their bags of food ahead of time!

MEDICATIONS: All medications should be in the original prescribed container. Never put any medications into your dog's food or pill pockets ahead of time. 

Please Note: There will be a $1 service charge for every Ziploc bag that we use to package the meals for you if you do not do it ahead of time.

Dogs tell us..Trust them when they do!!

We appreciate that our clients found us and decided to come to our Wixom dog hotel. However, we let each dog tell us if they like it here or not. We are not for every dog and we will tell their parents if they liked it here or not. Dogs have grown out of our Wixom dog boarding facility over time, and that is okay too. Let your dog be the one to tell all of us, if this is their place or not.

Play yard cameras

As a dog parent, you have access to our indoor play yard cameras where you can watch your furry friend play in our oversized play yards with their buddies and coaches. These cameras are solely for entertainment purposes. We want you to know that our play yards operate differently from other facilities. We follow a unique rotation schedule to ensure that all dogs have the perfect balance of play and rest throughout the day.


Our dog care facility in Wixom operates on a first come, first served basis. We advise all our clients to submit their request as soon as they have confirmed the dates for their dog's stay with us. Once our suites are fully booked, we won't be able to accept any further reservations.

Our Peak Season Times: Anytime your child has time off from school - New Years Eve / New Year Day - Spring Break - Easter - Memorial Day - Independence Day (July 4th) - Labor Day - Thanksgiving - Christmas Eve / Christmas Day. We do charge Peak Season Rates during these times.


As much as your dog needs play, stimulation and exercise, they do require rest. Our Play Yard Coaches and Staff are trained to provide the proper balance for every one of our dogs that are here with us.

Flexi-Lead Policy

We do not accept the use of flexi/retractable leashes in our facility. These leashes do not offer maximum control of your dog in the lobby area and are a safety hazard.

Our Vaccination Policy

We require Bordetella, Distemper, and Rabies. Other than thESE, we ask that all owners work with their veterinarian for the care and health of their dog. 
It is the sole responsibility of owners to keep their dogs vaccination records up to date with us! You can upload their veterinary records directly to your account or email them to info@itsadogslifemi.com.

How To Get Started

Pamper Your Pooch with Dog Boarding

Does your dog need a little extra special attention while they're staying with us? Not a problem! Ask us about our special customized overnight dog care services in Wixom, just for your dog! 

For an additional fee, we offer one-on-one time with a team member during your dog's boarding stay in Wixom. This is geared towards whatever your dog enjoys the most! 

Options can include: 

  • Need a private walk outside
  • Play with them privately
  • Play fetch/with bubbles
  • Lay and cuddle/watch TV with them
  • Reading them a book
  • Brushing them

or any other one-on-one activity you think your dog might enjoy the most! 

We also offer a variety of Gourmet Treats or a variety frozen treats for your pup during their boarding OR daycare stay to keep them satisfied! During the summer months, we make ice cream & sorbet too!

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