Doggy Daycare

Why Choose Enrichment Daycare?

We offer enrichment care at our Wixom dog daycare center because we want every dog to have a fulfilling experience both mentally and physically.

Our Wixom doggy day camp coaches are trained to integrate toys into their play groups as well as understanding a dog's body language and demeanor. They create play groups daily based on the dogs checked into our facility - dogs are then rotated in and out of play yards based on their energy, their demeanor and desire to play. We put all dogs at our Wixom daycare center into their own suite for a 2-hour rest and feeding (if parents sent lunch). As much as a dog needs play and socialization, they need rest too. Our Wixom dog enrichment care provides that perfect balance of play and rest.

We commit to giving them the right balance of all of it.
Things To Know

Our Free Greet & Treat Evaluation

We pride ourselves on making sure that every dog enjoys their time here with us in our safe and caring environment. It’s so important that they are comfortable in every aspect of us and our facility, so that their experience is the most gratifying for their specific needs. Every dog is unique and we are fully trained to understand that and how best to fulfill them.

For your dog to use any of our Wixom dog daycare services, they must complete our Free Greet & Treat Evaluation.

What is a Free Greet & Treat?

Our process is not just temperament testing but is an all-inclusive evaluation of all aspects of our facility including noises, processes, play yard experiences and all our surroundings. We have found that more times than not, the dog does love other dogs, but it is other factors in our facility that they struggle with.

We assess how social they are, how they connect with other dogs and people, how they interact with other dogs and toys, how they respond to sounds, how they respond to our suites or are they crate trained? We also observe how they respond to having collars or leashes put on them and if they are comfortable enough to eat, drink and potty at our facility.

What are the Benefits of Wixom Doggy Day Camp?

- Socialization Skills
- Mental Stimulation
- A tired pup at the end of the day
- Assistance with separation anxiety
- Enrichment and physical activity

Doggy Daycare Pricing

5+ Hours

Full Day

Play all day and they come home and sleep their night away. We give the right blend of mental and physical stimulation for every dog.


Play for part of the day and they come home and sleep their night away. We give the right blend of mental and physical stimulation for every dog.
5+ Hours

30-Full Days

Yes, that's right, all day daycare for ONLY $28 / day. * Our packages NEVER expire, may be used by multiple dogs in a single household.

Does your dog need a place to play?

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