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Why Doggy Day Care?

Doggy daycare trains dogs to play and interact appropriately with other dogs, along with gaining more confidence. Additionally, doggy daycare offers your four-legged companion an opportunity to run and play, which is a fantastic approach to keep your pet in excellent physical condition. A healthier dog leads to a better behaved and happier dog! As important as physical well-being, mental health is something many dogs lack because of an unfulfilled home lifestyle.
Honestly speaking, many of us have working households and just do not have enough time to pamper our pets. Consequently, our furry companions become bored, disheartened, anxious, and experience the same emotions we do. In some scenarios our best friend may lose trust in our ability to care for them and lash out.
Doggy daycare can correct behavior problems that occur when dogs are left alone. These behavior problems include barking, whining and howling, and destruction. This happens due to the dog's increased stress level when isolated. Daycare for your dog is one of the best ways to teach your dog good socialization skills and eliminate owner absent behavior problems. Dogs who attend doggy daycare in most cases are transformed into a calmer amp; more easily controlled pet.
Letting dogs have free-time to interact with other dogs and humans of all ages is one of the most important things responsible dog owners can do to help their dog develop into and remain a calm, confident dog unlikely to bark, bite or become fearful or aggressive. Allowing dogs the opportunity to socialize with other dogs is probably one of the most important gifts dog owners can give themselves and their dog.

Our doggy day care program was designed by our canine behaviorist to ensure the safety and playfulness of all our guests, of which all team members have received training in dog behavior and body language. Dogs participating in Pup Scouts have been temperament tested, are fully vaccinated (Bordatella, Distemper and Rabies) and are put into compatible playgroups based on size, temperament and play style. We have; after their respective playtime to give the dogs a chance to rest before heading back into their play group with their friends. Our play groups are typically an hour in play and an hour rest. After playing with friends all day, your dog is truly ready to go home and relax with their family.

Are dogs in doggy day care supervised?

Dogs in our playgroups are always supervised so that the play never gets out-of-hand, one-sided or becomes stressful for anyone. Dogs who are acting inappropriately or unsafe towards another dog are removed for a short time-out and can re-join the group after they have calmed down and remember to play nicely with the other dogs.  Depending on the group in play, we require 1 team member for every 10 - 15 dogs in play.  For ALL large dog play groups, there will always be a minimum of 2 team members in every group size, no matter the number of dogs.

What is Pup Scouts?

Pup Scouts is what we call our dog day care. It is an opportunity for dogs to play with other dog-social dogs in safe, supervised setting.

Will my dog enjoy Pup Scouts?

If your dog has been exposed to other dogs and appears friendly with them, or if your dog has other dog friends, your dog will enjoy our doggy day care program. If not, we have one-on-one playtime with our team members either 15 minute increments or

Can my dog try group playtime? What if he/she doesn't like it?

If your dog is spayed/neutered and is over the age of 6 months and have their updated vaccination records,  they are welcome to try our Free Greet & Treat with the other dogs in Pup Scouts! With all new dogs, a canine behaviorist performs a temperament test to help determine play style and personality so that we can find a compatible group of dogs to play with. Introductions to the playgroup are gradual so that the new dog has time to acclimate to all the regulars; We let each dog call his or her own shots; we never force playtime or force any dog into joining the group. The majority of dogs who try doggy daycare acclimate quickly as we only accept dog- social dogs into the playgroup. 

This also allows your dog the opportunity to assess us.  We aren't for every dog or their parents and we understand that, so much so, we will help you and your dog find a facility more suiting to their needs, temperament and overall socialization. 

We truly pride ourselves in that our ultimate goal is that your dog is as comfortable here as they are in their own home..... Their Home Away From Home..... 


If my dog is not spayed / neutered, can they come partake in your services?

CHANGE IN POLICY  (02/01/2019):  If your dog is not spayed/neutered and is over the age of 12 months they will not be able to join us in any playgroup activities or socialize with other pets.  There will be additional charges for boarding or having your intact dog staying with us.  If your female is / or going into heat, she may not stay with us during this time.

What if my dog is not successful with their evaluation?

CHANGE IN POLICY  (02/01/2019):  Historically, we have taken Private Play dogs into our facility and coordinated play groups that allowed us to work them into varying play times/groups.  We have determined that in the best interest of the majority of clients that we will be moving away from the methodology and standardizing our client base.  

What do the dogs in Pup Scouts do all day?

Doggy day care changes every day! We do our best to provide mental as well as physical enrichment for the dogs in the program, which keeps everyone happy and healthy. In Pup Scouts, dogs might spend some of the day wrestling with each other, playing ball, playing tug,playing on all the gym equipment or just hanging out laying on our orthopedic beds we have laying around the building.
Our staff is always creating new games to play with the Pup Scouts too… we believe that humans should be a part of the playgroup to help supervise, keep the play fair and to keep it changing and fun for everyone.

Why Do We Not Accept Dog or Human Aggressive Pets

In May 2019 we made the decision to stop accepting dogs that we deemed as Private Play - which means Dog or Human Aggressive.  

This decision is to uphold our Mission and Core Values to always ensure the safety and quality of care for all our furry friends as well as our team members.  We too knew that these dogs were acting out because they never felt really comfortable at our facility, for whatever the reason and we promise to all our clients transparency.  

We really do evaluate our pets everyday, just like you and me - our pets too have good and bad days, and it is critical we know everyday what temperament our guests are that particular day.

Please understand - we do NOT discriminate against breed, but we will turn away dogs that show signs of any aggression.

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