Owner, Lisa Vendittelli worked for over 30 years in the corporate world and traveled the globe non-stop. From her pups Dakota to Solo and finally Declan, Lisa had stressed each time she needed to board them for extended periods of time. She never found “that” place that was home to the dogs or to her. Then, on an international flight for one of her business trips, she began writing the business plan for It’s a Dog’s Life Resort & Spa; “every dog’s home away from home.” From that point forward for all her travel within the US or Canada she would visit other boarding and daycare facilities to learn about what worked and what did not work at their facilities. Being able to do this, created the entire business plan and was really the evolution of It’s a Dog’s Life Resort & Spa.  Our success is knowing that we are not for every dog and helping parents find the correct solution for their dogs.   Being ok with that, is what has allowed us to grow to what we are today.  Our team too is like no other, they all look out for the best for each of our dogs, this is how our success has been word of mouth.  Let your dog try us, if they don’t enjoy us, we promise to tell their parent(s).


It’s A Dog’s Life is Dakota, Solo (right) and Declan’s (left) legacy. Each one of these dogs were different in their needs, desires, and activity levels. Lisa wanted to create a place where every dog could thrive. What makes our facility unique is that we employ knowledgeable staff and continue their education and knowledge, we are transparent to one another and to our clients, and we are sure to share with every dog’s parent all that happens while in our care. If they could talk, they would tell parents not to just settle, find that place that will tell them if their dogs like it or not…. Listen, We do!

It’s A Dog’s Life provides a safe and comfortable environment for your furry friends so you can have peace of mind while you are away.


46926 Magellan Dr, Wixom, MI 48393
(248) 960 - 0800
Mon-Fri: 6:30am - 7:00pm
Sat-Sun: 8:00am - 4:00pm
*Sunday: Boarding Pick-Up & Drop-off Only