How To Enroll Your Dog With It's A Dog's Life?

In order to utilize any of our services or to make a reservation at our dog vacation care center in Wixom, or book puppy day camp or dog salon services with us, you must book a free Greet & Treat with us for the safety of your dog and the others in our facility. For more information about Greet & Treat protocols, read the section below. 
Once you have completed the Free Greet and Treat you will then be able to create reservations, manage and update your profile and your pets information, request services, pay invoices, and message us directly at our Wixom dog vacation care center. Try the Gingr Pet Parents App on your mobile devices to easily access all of your booking needs. Connect today!
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Download the GINGR FOR PET PARENTS app today to instantly gain access to all of the following:

Create An Account
Cancel A Booking
Update Information
Pay An Invoice
Request A Service
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Look in your dog’s FREE Greet & Treat bag for our Code to access this exclusive App.  We do NOT accept Grooming Appointments via this app, please call for all grooming requests.

Things To Know

Our Free Greet & Treat Evaluation

We pride ourselves on making sure that every dog enjoys their time here with us in our safe and caring environment. It’s so important that they are comfortable in every aspect of us and our facility, so that their experience is the most gratifying for their specific needs. Every dog is unique and we are fully trained to understand that and how best to fulfill them.

For your dog to use any of our services, they must complete our Free Greet & Treat Evaluation.


What is a Free Greet & Treat?

Our process is not just temperament testing but is an all-inclusive evaluation of all aspects of our facility including noises, processes, play yard experiences and all our surroundings. We have found that more times than not, the dog does love other dogs, but its other factors in our facility that they struggle with.

We assess how social they are, how they connect with other dogs and people, how they interact with other dogs and toys, how they respond to sounds, how they respond to our suites or are they crate trained? We also observe how they respond to having collars or leashes put on them and if they are comfortable enough to eat, drink and potty at our facility.
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    It’s A Dog’s Life provides a safe and comfortable environment for your furry friends so you can have peace of mind while you are away.


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