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Nursery Skool for puppies

Nursery Skool - Puppy Play

We heard our clients.... We proudly introduce, It's A Dog's Life Resort & Spa Nursery Skool for our young one's!

This is our specialized play yard and care program specifically for puppies under 6 months of age!


  • Under 6 months of age
  • Second set of puppy vaccinations from their veterinarian
  • Negative Fecal exam from their veterinarian

Puppies have special needs and we are here to help you! We are launching our Puppy Socialization program Nursery School for our young.

This is an extremely affordable way for your puppy to meet, greet and become comfortable with people and other dogs for the first 6 months of age.  The first 6 months are a critical time for your puppy when they determine what is safe, fun, acceptable behavior is and what is not. After this window closes, your dog’s brain has become less receptive to change. Let us assist you in the development and care of your puppy, we can assist you when you are not available to give your puppy your undivided attention or you are at work.  Your puppy will enjoy the company of other dogs and our trained Puppy Activities Coordinators during the day while you work rather than being at home waiting for you … alone …. in a crate. So, come-on, get with the Furry Nursery Skool program!

Nursery Skool Curriculum:

  • Cost $90.00 ($15 / day) per week, paid on Monday's or automatic renewal
  • Puppies can come for all day daycare Monday through Saturday.
  • Puppies are monitored by our Nursery Activities Coordinators
  • Owners don’t have to worry about “puppy” being left home alone
  • Owners don’t have to worry about cleaning up after their puppy when they get home
  • Terrific way to expend puppy energy
  • An affordable dog daycare introduction
  • Activities include working on basic commands in group – working on potty training as parents would at home, correcting biting or chewing behaviors, basic leash etiquette, positive Spa & Grooming experience – time in our Spa hearing and adapting to all the grooming noises. Working on door etiquette, sitting, laying and socializing properly with other puppies.  We will also provide social activities that will positively stimulate your puppies mind and redirect negative energies and behaviors.
  • Group sessions will run in 30-minute intervals, with potty breaks and 1 hour rest in their own suites. As important as it is for your puppy to play, during this time it is just as important they get the proper rest and sleep.  Your puppy will be assigned to its own suite or if you prefer, we can crate train your pup while here with us as well.
  • We will use treats as our positive reinforcement and course of education development.
  • As your furry child grows, physically and mentally, he/she will mature into our adult activities yards to play with the appropriate group – a group that matches your furry student’s play style and size.

Ask how you can enroll your new puppy in the Nursery Skool for your puppy today! Call (248) 960.0800 NOW, we are booking up fast!

Puppy Skool for Puppies Monday - Saturday

$90 Week
  • for puppies 6 months and younger
  • Monday through Saturday
  • Must have 2nd set of Vaccinations & Negative Fecal Exam for their Veterinarian

Full or half day play... Just come play with us...

It’s A Dog’s Life Resort & Spa has 4 indoor play yards - Slow Roll Small, Pee Wee's Small Yard, Big Dawg Yard and Big Dawg Slow Roll Yard (over 5,500 square feet in total) with Climate Controlled temperatures, 2 Outdoor play yards with pools, for those dogs that enjoy a dip throughout the day.  All areas are equipped with gym equipment and lots of toys. This is where your dog will enjoy the fullest of active play and enjoyment with dog’s their like. Don't forget to watch them play on our HD webcams that we have installed in our playrooms or If the care and safety of your pets are in control - we will send to our parents report cards and you can too watch our live videos on our Facebook or Instagram Pages. We offer full day (12 hours of play & rest) and 1/2 day daycare (maximum 5 hrs of play & rest). 

  • Vaccinations required to join daycare are – Bordatella, DHPP & Rabies. - Leptosporosis is Optional

  • Greet & Treat / Free Trial Day is required to join our daycare activities.

  • Daycare Hours of Operation:
    Monday-Friday 6:30 am – 7 pm
    Saturday 8 am - 3 pm
    Closed Sunday

  • Gym equipment and toys to ensure their playtime is fully optimized.

  • Our daycare play schedule is as follows: AM Play: 8:00 am til 11:30 am - AM Pup Break:  11:30 am - 1:30 pm - PM Play:  1:30 pm - 4:00 pm PM Pup Break:  4 pm - 7 pm

    '** If dogs indicate they need rest, we will take them back to their suites to get just that **

  • Intact dogs up to 1 year can join our daycare activities

    Intact dogs are rotated in and out of play yards for their safety.  After 1 year of age, they must be Neutered / Spayed to continue joining our daycare groups.

  • Watch your dog play on our 3 HD webcams.

  • Receive Report Cards throughout the day of your dog's fun activities with us *

    *If our play yards are safe and staff has ample time to create, these will be sent.

Daycare – All Day Play

$30 Daily
  • 30 Day - $810.00 - $90 SAVINGS!! - DOESN'T EXPIRE
  • 20 Day - $560.00 - $40 SAVINGS!! - 1 yr. Expiration
  • 10 Day - $290.00 - $10 SAVINGS!! - 1 yr. Expiration

Daycare – 1⁄2 Day (5hrs max)

$20 Daily
  • 30 1/2 Day - $540.00 * - DOESN'T EXPIRE
  • 20 1/2 Day - $360.00 * - 1 yr. Expiration
  • 10 1/2 Day - $190.00 * - 1 yr. Expiration

* All Packages 30 or Larger have NO Expiration.  All Packages 30 days or less Expire 1 year from purchase Date.  No refunds, Non-Transferable outside of household.  Cannot be purchased with any other discounts our coupons.


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