FREE Greet & Treat ~ Temperament Testing


FREE Greet & Treat - Free Trial Day
  • Want your dog to be part of a fun filled, yet safe and caring All-Inclusive Dog facility?
  • It's A Dog's Life Resort & Spa is just that place, from Boarding to Daycare to Spa & Grooming to Training at all levels - we are the one place dogs love to come!!
  • Well, the solution is simply to visit It’s A Dog’s Life and let us evaluate your dog through our Free Greet & Treat Day. If you opt to have your dog come to us for either daycare or boarding, a pre-requisite is having them attend a Free Greet & Treat. This time gives your dog time to assess if they will like our facility, team and other guests. Some dogs don't enjoy it here, and we share that with their parents, so they may decide what next steps are. We use this day not only to evaluate how well your dog will assimilate, but it also gives us a chance to see:
  • - How social your dog is?
  • - What kind of temperament he/she has?
  • - How your dog connects with other dogs and people?
  • We use a controlled environment where your dog is introduced to a variety of dog stimuli individually – not all at once. By doing this, we get a more in-depth understanding of your dog’s norms and social behavior, allowing us to place him/her in a group that is the safest and most engaging. When the trial day is finished we provide you with the information that was gathered and let you know how your dog did.
  • In order to participate in our Greet & Treat, you are required to fill out the application - go to the upper right hand corner of this website to FURRY BOOKING - then select New Customer. Provide vaccination record from their Veterinarian for Bordatella - Distemper - Rabies.
  • Any dog that intends to board or come to daycare MUST come to our Greet & Treat day a minimum of 3 days prior to them boarding or joining us for daycare.
  • FREE GREET & TREATS ARE HOSTED EVERY TUESDAY through THURSDAY. Clients must drop dog off no later than 7:30 am. This gives dog time to calm and adjust to surroundings prior to introducing them into pack.

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