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Grooming is an important part of your dog’s overall health. Nails that are too long can shift a dog’s posture and teeth that have never seen a brush can be lost. A matted, unruly coat simply isn’t attractive and if a dog’s coat becomes too tangled, shaving might be the only answer.

Help your pooch feel happy and healthy with our Grooming & Spa Services with our Groomers.

We welcome all dog breeds, whether it’s just a bath or a full show-style haircut.

Pricing is dependent on the length, condition, and texture of the guest’s coat.  Our Pet Stylists will determine pricing prior to grooming during the consultation with the owner.

Want your pup to have a Blueberry Facial or their Teeth Cleaned, we offer Spa services that most groomers don't. 


Appointments are required!

Menu of Spa Services

Our Spa services are based on the size and coat of your pet.  We provide an estimate of our Spa services - your actual cost will come from your Pet Stylist.

Breed Size

Weight Range


1 – 25 pounds


26 – 40 pounds


41 – 60 pounds

Extra Large

61 – 80 pounds


81+ pounds

Spa Bath Package

Our Spa Bath package includes detailed cleansing and a luxurious shampoo massage & blueberry facial followed by a conditioning rinse or spray. Once cleaned and conditioned, your pet is blow dried and brushed to reveal their soft, silky coat. This package also includes a nail trim and file, ear cleaning, and external anal gland expression (if necessary).  These are baths only.  Starting prices

                                 Short Coat          Long Coat

Small Breed                  $35                       $45

Medium Breed             $40                       $55

Large Breed                 $50                        $65 

Extra Large Breed        $60                        $75

Giant Breed                 $70                        $85

All-Inclusive Groom Package

Our All-Inclusive Groom package includes detailed cleansing, a luxurious and relaxing shampoo massage & blueberry facial followed by a conditioning rinse or spray.   Your pet’s coat is then blow dried, brushed out, cut & styled . This package also includes a nail trim and file, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression (if necessary).

                                   Trim Only           Complete Cut 

Small Breed                     $40                            $55

Medium Breed                $50                            $65

Large Breed                     $60                            $75

Extra Large Breed            $80                            $95

Giant Breed                     $90                            $110

A La Carte Spa Services

  • Brush Out:  $15 - $25
  • Breath Freshening:  $8
  • Nail Trim & File:  $11
  • Nail Dremmel & File:  $15
  • Medicated Ear Cleaning:  $10
  • Flea Bath:  $10
  • Shed Reducing Treatment:  $20
  • De-matting Treatment:  $20
  • De-Skunk Treatment:  $16
  • Paw Polish:  $14
  • Hand Scissoring (30 min):  $20

Meet Groomer & Spa Extraordinaire - Dana Z!!

Starting from a young age, Dana always had a special relationship with animals. She knew she wanted to turn her beloved passion into a life career. Beginning with her family dog, Rocky. He would become her FIRST and MOST LOYAL client. Dana then enrolled at the Michigan School of Canine Cosmetology where she completed the 600 hr. professional pet grooming program. She gained knowledge in all aspects of the field, including AKC breed recognition, picture perfect finishing, hand-scissor/strip techniques, safe grooming procedures, animal health education, applied skin/coat care, as well as feline grooming. She is certified in​ CPR and First Aid through Pet Emergency Education (P.E.E.). Everyday ​Dana continues to educate herself on the industry to ensure that each pet goes home happy and healthy!


Our Grooming Veteran.... Krysta Storey has joined our Family in 2021!!!

All her life she says she has had a special bond and passion for animals. As a child she always dreamed of working with dogs, which led her down the path of dog grooming. She began her journey at PetSmart where she completed their grooming school program and learned the basics of grooming: bathing, blow drying and hair styling for all types of dogs. She later learned how to do A.K.C styles. Having worked in the grooming industry for over 10 years and is continually building upon her knowledge base by learning from other experienced groomers. She really prides herself on giving your dog a happy and relaxed experience, her ultimate goal is to make your dog love coming to see her. She works with dogs of all ages, sizes, fur types and temperaments. She is so excited to work at It's A Dog's Life and is really  looking forward to meeting your furry friend.

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