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Mick Foley ~ Rebecca Grant – Kozle

We love this place. We used to pass by it every day on the way to work and when we finally got a puppy, decided to stop in and check it out. When we first started going, the company was still kinda in the beginning stages. Having bought out the original owner, the current owner was trying to make changes and really get the company name out there and known. It used to be (under the old owner), we never saw any cars there…or dogs for that matter.
Now, there is always a stream of cars and dogs going in and out…and rumor has it, they are looking to open a second location! The facility is very clean and the employees are all total dog lovers…and know each dog by name. Unless of course you’re a new client where they don’t know you yet, the employees see you pull up and will have your pup checked in before you even get inside! Upon your first visit and after you submit all your dogs medical records for shots, etc., your dog is evaluated for their temperament and interaction with other dogs. Then they get assigned to a play group where they will have the most fun and feel comfortable. There are two big rooms with playground equipment where the dogs get to romp around. At least two employees are with them at all times and when there is an “accident”, they are right on top of it and it’s cleaned and sanitized pronto! The dogs even get nap times to rest and re-energize and have a lie down in their own personal cushy kennel…like the little Kings and Queens they are!! While It’s A Dog’s Life does board dogs, we haven’t used that service yet so we can’t comment. We do know they also provide grooming services as well as training for additional costs. Our dog loves to go there, loves all his playmates, and looooooves the employees! We can’t recommend this place enough. They take the care and health of their charges very seriously and we feel very confident on their ability to keep our dog safe while we’re at work and if you get nervous, you can watch them play online in real-time!! So happy and grateful to have found this awesome doggy daycare!