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It was very comforting to know Bridget was in safe and friendly hands. I could see her joy as I watched the webcams throughout the day. Have and will continue to recommend your business. We appreciated the peace of mind we experienced during our separation from Bridget.

Bridget ~ Julie Cooper

I’ve been using this place pretty much since it opened almost 15 years ago. The new owner has modernized everything from policies (no aggressive dogs accepted), to the reservation system (web-based), to the lobby but has not lost the animal-loving human touch. Prices are competitive.

Geyser – Mike Chachich

We love this place. We used to pass by it every day on the way to work and when we finally got a puppy, decided to stop in and check it out. When we first started going, the company was still kinda in the beginning stages. Having bought out the original owner, the current owner was trying to make changes and really get the company name out there and known. It used to be (under the old owner), we never saw any cars there…or dogs for that matter. (more…)

Mick Foley ~ Rebecca Grant – Kozle

Meraki Training – Alexa White is our Trainer at It’s A Dog’s Life Resort & Spa.

Alexa has really helped my dog adjust his behavior AND she has been amazingly patient with us as owners.  We definitely see the positive difference in his behavior and she has helped us do a 180 in our understanding of him and reading his needs/signals.

Archi ~ Adrienne Lamber

Clean facility, caring staff and my dog gets so excited when we pull into the parking lot. He has the best time playing with his friends.

River ~ Jamie King

We were very nervous about leaving our new puppy, but the staff spent time talking with us an it was clear they truly cared about the dogs.

I recommend It’s a Dog’s Life because our dog has done well at every visit, the staff know him by name and give him a lot of attention and affection.

Tag ~ Denise Hinrichsen

Sassy and Brodie love their daycare visits and getting groomed to go to GG’s house!

Sassy & Brodie ~ Joseph Tomasik

Our 2 dogs are getting up in age (almost 10 and 11 years old), but they still love getting out for exercise and socialization.  They always get excited about seeing their friends at It’s A Dog’s Life Resort & Spa.  (more…)

Desi ~ Marla Mitchell

Keep up the good work.

Dwillard ~ James & Susan Wagenheim

Rosie can’t wait to come  back.

Rosie ~ Marla Shloss

My dogs are a handful but I know they get the care and attention they need (and am confident all the dogs do).  I have had great experiences at this facility throughout its different management teams. I am grateful that Lisa is continuing a great facility. I can trust my “special needs dogs” are not going to get themselves into avoidable trouble.  Throughout my dogs issues IaDL has always come thru with pairing or recommending the right resources to help him thru his issues.

Archi ~ Adrienne Lambert

Luna has the best time there and with everyone! 🙂

Luna Gia – Nikki Steinaway

Addie Mae loves coming to play!!!

Addie Mae – Theresa Boss

My pup loves going to doggie daycare! The staff are so wonderful. They are knowledgeable and professional. Highly recommend!

Rollo – Amy Brittin

Benny had a great visit.  It was fun to watch him on video while we were away.  It seemed like Benny was having a fun time playing with the other dogs.  Thank you.

Benny – Scott Kamen

We boarded our pup Gunner for a long trip over Christmas and New Years. It was the first time we had been away from him since we got him and my husband and I were both very nervous.

It was awesome to get Pupdates on him while we were gone, and be able to see him playing with his new friends.

We will continue to take him for a day of doggy daycare here and there- he loved it 🙂

Gunner – Julie McKinley

You take such great care of my son, thank you all

River – Jamie King

An amazing facility with a  professional and caring staff… personalized attention given to every dogs sensitivity and needs! A great place which offers  feedback on each visit, encouragment with any issues and solutions  and consultation offered if ever needed.

Annie – Barbara Hassan

What a great business. I needed last minute boarding for my sweet but extremely shy beagle. Lisa worked with me to help me board my dog. Every other place was fully booked in town, and I’m so glad they were. Lisa went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable about leaving my dog for 2 weeks. Every day I was sent a report card and could watch a live feed of tia (my dog) playing. Before committing, I was offered a free trial day to make sure it was a good fit. They were so kind and loving to my beyond timid dog. My dog came home from the trial day exhausted and happy. They were so accommodating.

While out of the country for 2 weeks, I was able to relax knowing my dog was in great hands. I will definitely be bringing tia here for boarding and daycare in the future. She came home happy, and even bathed with a nail trim.

Thank you all for loving my dog while I was away!

Tia – Emily Peralta

I have been a client for years and it has only gotten better. Wonderful warm atmosphere and great staff. Would highly recommend.

Eddie – Julie Ashworth

Friendliness of staff is one of the primary reasons I keep returning

Elsa – Justin Smith

Long time clients.  Could not be more pleased with the care given Charlie.  He adores going for daycare and gets even more excited when he sees we have “packed his >bag” for a stay.

Charlie – Patrick Schaul

Very fun and professional crowd

Lily & Stanley – Andrea Dirette

You’d think that my dog has won the lottery every time she goes to daycare.  The smile on her face when we pull in and the excitement in her little booty is all I need to see to know I made the right decision by taking her here !!

Lucy – Audra Ayres

Great place.  My border collie can’t wait to play when we arrive.  Staff is friendly and even if we do not come for a while they remember my dogs name.  My dog can be timid but when she sees the staff she immediately goes to them with confidence and tail wagging.

Oreo – Bob & Cindy Kraft

We really are very happy with “It’s A Dog’s Life” pet resort and spa!  The staff is wonderful, the facility is well kept, Ryley has a great time playing with his friends, always gets so excited when we pull into the drive.  Love having the webcams to watch him interact.  We feel very comfortable leaving him there.

Ryley – Faith Passalacqua

Love all the new changes!

Rocco – Abney Scott

I was a little nervous when I first brought my dog in for a full day of day care, but Lisa quickly changed my mind. The whole staff is kind, caring and treats my dog as if he were their own. Being able to check in on him via the webcams is a comforting feeling too. Bringing my dog to It’s A Dogs Life was the best decision for our family. Every week he gets excited to go!

Easton – Lauren Lollo

Charlie is excited to come every time.  He is obnoxious on Wednesday when we do not bring him.

Charlie – Patrick Schaul

We enjoyed the reports and picture of Brandi while she was boarding for a week.

Thank you to everyone who took part in Brandi’s care.  She is an old girl who needs special care and lots of love.

Brandi – Robert Theisen

Best place ever for our Sugar. When she stayed at home alone, she tore the place up because she’s a bundle of nerves. But ever since she started coming here, she’s a whole new, happier, much more relaxed dog.

Sugar – Thea & Chris Delisle

My dog loves to come to day care ! She loves the staff ! I know she’s treated well when I pick her up and she runs to the care givers before her momma lol ! Great place !!!

Mercedes – Shauna Willette

My dog loves his visits with your staff, he can’t wait to get there.  We love the fact that he’s worn out from all the fun he has  with his buddies all day.  The place is fabulous!

Dwillard – James & Susan Wagenheim

Very happy with everything.  I drop her off and know she will be taken care of.

Zoey – Renee Krop

Great place! Lisa is super friendly! Full of energy and I know that’s exactly how she is with our fur family! Our pup is sometimes a handful, but Beth and the others know exactly how to handle her! Love this place, and I’m loving the new upgrades!

Hanki – Cara Parks

Gunnar absolutely loves coming to play.  We take him 1-2 times a week.  We trust the staff completely to care for Gunnar.  Thanks

Gunnar – Rachel Ridley

It’s A Dog’s Life is a wonderful place. I know that my dogs are safe and well cared for. The staff are friendly and truly seem to love working here. Lisa has done a great job and is making it one of the BEST dog care facilities !

Gizzy & Lily – Dan Sutton

Ivy has a great time. I love receiving the report card with info & pictures of her day.

Ivy – Lisa Boinais

My pup seemed to enjoy his stay and we will plan to come back for additional stays. Thank you!

Remy – Jessie Stachowiak

Thank you for keeping Jack Magoo happy and safe while we were gone!

Jack Magoo – Lindsay Esson

Aspen loves going here and we trust every person at the facility to take care of her. The friendliest staff I have ever met and they accommodate to your own personal needs to well! Great job!

Aspen – Kelina Slepicka

Great job on our dogs grooming, great price, great staff!

Dunkin – Janet Sheehan

Love it all💓the people the cleanliness the efficiency, the clean surroundings

Cant say enough about this well run establishment ❣️❣️👍

Morgan – Anita Heidt

Maggie always returns home happy and tired, which is a very good thing!

Maggie – Wendy Brink

Izzo came home and slept all day just like my other dog used to after boarding.  I’m sure that he had plenty of exercise and was well cared for.  He looked and smelled great after his bath.

Thank you very much!  Glenn McClure DVM

Izzo – Glenn McClure